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Emotionally Focused Counsellor

Sex Addiction Counsellor

Family Mediator

Bruce L. Taylor, B.A,, B.Ed., M.A., M.Div.


Counselling Services


    Power-sharing issues

    Feeling valued, respected, supported & believed in

    Different emotional needs

    Balance of dependence & independence

    Gender issues: how women & men think, feel and act


    Holistic relationships: mind, body & soul

    Effective communication

    Marriage enrichment & attunement

    Dealing with affairs


    Chronic stress of modern families

    Steps of forgiveness

    Intimacy difficulties

    Premature ejaculation

    Religious/spiritual/faith issues: connection & belonging

    Pursuit of happiness & contentment

    Polyamorous relationships

    Great loving sex


    Comparison of “Reasons to Stay - Reasons to Go”

    How to do it right



    Honouring the good

    Transitional relationships

    Checking in baggage

    Post-separation issues

    Children’s success at school strategies


    Parenting skills

    Co-parenting skills: two-home families

    Shared parenting plans

    Best interests of the children


    Stress, anxiety, sadness & depression

    Integration of mind, body & soul

    Insecurity issues

    Emotional needs: hurts, fears, etc.

    Meaning in life

    Relationship problems

    Life transitions

    Crisis management

    Grief & loss


Child & Adolescent

    Separation & divorce

    Meaning in life

Sex Addiction

All obsessive-compulsive sexual behaviours

Youth/adult cybersex & pornography addictions

Polyamorous relationships

Counselling for partners of sex addicts

Sex Addiction Counsellor. Highly trained by leaders in the field

  of addictions and relationships such as Dr. Susan Johnson, Dr.

  Terrence Real, Dr. Patrick Carnes, Dr. Lance Dodes, Dr. Esther

  Perel, and others. Therapy also derived from the research and

  schools of thought of Dr. Bruce Alexander, Dr. Gene Heyman,

  Dr. Norman Doidge, Dr. Stanton Peele, Dr. Marc Lewis, Dr.

  Daniel Perlman, and others. Specialist in sex addiction with a

  large practice and program for both the addict in recovery, the

  partner in recovery, the couple's relationship recovery, and a

  "Sister Program" for women to help other women. Women's

  Groups are also held monthly.

Contact Info


bruce @ btaylorsolutions.ca

About Bruce

A picture of Bruce Taylor in the midst of international children
Bruce Taylor at the table of an international family

"Bruce is indebted to many cultures for his ideas on Mind, Body & Soul ...  people in over 15 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, where he has either served with the International Red Cross, Mennonite Central Committee or taught university.”

Professional Qualifications and Memberships

• Individual, Couple & Family Counsellor.

• Certified Sex Addiction Counsellor, trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes.

• Emotionally Focused Counsellor, Externship (ICEEFT)

• Graduate, Comprehensive Family Mediation Program of the Institute of Conflict Analysis and

  Management (ICAM).

• Graduate, Certificate Program in Couple and Family Therapy Studies, University of Guelph.

• University Professor: Canada, US, Rwanda, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Download my Curriculum Vitae.

Research Interests

    •   Couple power-sharing

    •   Forgiveness

    •   Happiness and contentment

    •   Effects of separation on extended families

    •   Holistic relationships: mind, body & soul

    •   Gender: how women and men think, feel and act differently

    •   Neuroscience and brain research

    •   Stress, anxiety, sadness and depression

    •   Emotional needs

All counselling is CONFIDENTIAL.

Your information is only released with your written consent.

Limits to confidentiality:

1. threat of homicide and suicide must be reported;

2. suspicion of child abuse must be reported to child welfare authorities; and

3. with a court order, client records must be disclosed to the court.

A picture of Bruce Taylor with his cat